Most relaxed purchase ever!
I am a little late, but better than never. My wife and I were looking for a new life adventure and being a gear head, I wanted to get in 2s. Was referred to go meet Frenchie and talk to him about what I was looking for. I entered the dealer with already kinda knowing what I wanted, a street glide. The 2019 Billiard Blue Street Glide Special (SGS) caught my eye. So after checking it out and then conversing with Frenchie he in no way shape or form made me feel pressured to buy the bike. The experience was hands down the best vehicle purchase Ive ever had. I wasnt a fan of the factory seat, so him and Joe in parts looked out for me and got some set up with a nice low profile solo seat to get stated. Frenchies interaction with my small daughter, wife and, myself made us feel extremely comfortable. We talked about all our past and current car/bike projects, family, life goals, ect. He set up next day delivery for me with the bike back to my side of the water, answered all my questions and even asked me ones I didnt even think about. Frenchie just isnt your next salesman.hes your next new real friend. So it pains me that Ill be moving out of state but I know where I will come back for a long time. So Frenchie and the team, thank you for an amazing experience. (Employee: Jeff "Frenchie" Martin)
Matthew Zuliani
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